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Commission 37: Star Clusters and Associations

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Commission 37: Star Clusters and Associations of the
International Astronomical Union

deals with all aspects of Globular Cluster, Open Cluster, and Stellar Associations research. With Commission 33: Structure and Dynamics of the Galactic System and Commission 34: Interstellar Matter it forms Division H of the IAU.

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contain information on IAU Symposia and events, and
IAU XXIXth General Assembly in Honolusu (USA), Aug. 3-15, 2015

See Main Deadlines and Events 2012-2015 for further information on IAU related activities.

Commission Contact:
Dr. Giovanni Carraro (President 2012-2015)
Post: ESO Alonso de Cordova 3107, Santiago de Chile Chile
Email: gcarraro@eso.org

Contact for IAU Commission 37 Webpages: Giovanni Carraro (President) gcarraro@eso.org

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