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Welcome to the webpage of Chentao Yang

Hi, my name is 杨辰涛 (Yang, Chentao). The firstname means star (, chen) waves (, tao) in Chinese. Welcome to my personal page! I am currently an ESO fellow in Chile with duties at ALMA since November 2017.

If you are interested, please check out my profile article on The Messenger of ESO, issue No. 177: 2019Msngr.177...70E.

My research interests mainly focus on the submm/mm regimes of the extragalactic objects. I primarily study the molecular gas and dust contents (cold ISM) in galaxies from the local to high-redshift Universe. I am especially interested in water emission (which is a unique diagostic tool of the ISM properties) in galaxies. Using the dust continuum and line emissions from various molecules/atoms, I try to understand the ISM properties and their connection with the star formation within the galaxy.

Besides, I am one of the contributing authors and website administrators of Astroleaks (in Chinese), which is a kind of group blog daily summarising astro-journal articles posted on arXiv astro-ph.

Read full CV here: Curriculum Vitae