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I am currently an ESO fellow in Santiago, Chile, with duties at Paranal. My research focusses on the formation and evolution of S0 galaxies and how they transform from spirals. In particular, I'm interested in studying the star-formation histories of the bulges and discs to look for clues as to how these components formed and thus how the galaxy as a whole has evolved. To this end, I am working towards decomposing long-slit and IFU spectra of S0s in nearby clusters into separate bulge and disc spectra stellar populations. My most recent paper presents BUDDI, a technique to spectroscopically separate the light from these components, and I'm open to ideas and collaborations to use BUDDI for different research areas.

For my Paranal duties, I am the MUSE fellow. I generally work as a night astronomer on UT4 (MUSE, SINFONI and HAWKI), with occasional duties on UT1 (FORS, KMOS and NACO) and as day astronomer.

Previously, I completed my PhD and a short STEP postdoctoral fellowship in the Astronomy group at the University of Nottingham in the UK. Prior to that, I carried out my undergraduate and Masters degree at the University of Sheffield in the UK, which included spending one year at the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes in La Palma. I was there as part of their studentship program, where I worked as a support astronomer for the Isaac Newton Telescope.

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