Ivo at ESO / Chile

I'm currently staff astronomer at the "La Silla - Paranal" Observatory,
hence member of the Science Operations Department, which has a  public and an internal page. There isn't much in this page,
so, please go to


  » Curriculum et al.
  » Research activities (PDF, 122 KB, 20 Sep 2005)
  » ESO Astrophysics Symposium: Groups of Galaxies in the Nearby Universe

Service to the community:

  » WFI (with booking schedule)

  » Course of photometry (given at La Silla, october 2001)

  » FEROS instrument scientist (until 2003):
        » Implementation of the ADC
        » maintenance plan (ESO only)
        » Tests with single ThArNe lamp

  » EFOSC2 quick-look tool for longslit spectroscopy

  » Coordinator of the IR group (ESO only) until April 2005
        » TIMMI2 instrument scientist (until May 2005)

  » EFOSC2 instrument scientist (starting June 2005)

  » EMMI instrument scientist (starting January 2007)
  » Danish 1.54m telescope: document of handover of operations (ESO only)
  » Playing with PyMidas

Ivo Saviane European Southern Observatory
isaviane@eso.org 3107 Alonso de Cordova
Tel: +56 (2) 463-3090 Vitacura / Casilla 19001
Fax: +56 (2) 463-3001 Santiago 19, Chile

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