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This is the Wide Field Imager Santiago WS page. Here you will find informations about the booking schedule of the WS, informations about the available software and some tips to cope with the header changes in the WFI images. If you are unable to find the informations you require on this page, please contact

WFI WS Booking Schedule

The WS is reserved on a first come, first served basis and can be booked for a period of one week to 10 days at time. If no one else requires it, the period may be extended to another week or 10 days slot. Shorter booking periods are also possible. The WS use is reserved for resident astronomers of ESO-Chile; if a visiting astronomer wishes to use it, this is allowed only if it is done within a collaboration with a resident astronomer at ESO, who will be also responsible for the WS booking. Two long term accounts are set, one (user 2) for WFI pipeline developing and testing, and another one (user 3), for testing new software installations before implementing them on a root level. Only one account (user 1) is currently available for the users and no remote login is allowed. Below you can find the current booking schedule for the WS. If you wish to book it, please contact:

button May 2006 booking

button May 2004 booking

button March 2004 booking

button February 2004 booking

button January 2004 booking

button December 2003 booking

button November 2003 booking

button October 2003 booking

button September 2003 booking

button June 2003 booking

button May 2003 booking

button April 2003 booking

button March 2003 booking

button February 2003 booking

button January 2003 booking

button December 2002 booking

button November 2002 booking

button June 2002 booking

button May 2002 booking

button February 2002 booking

button January 2002 booking

button December 2001 booking

Old schedules

button April 2001 booking

button May 2001 booking

button June 2001 booking

button July 2001 booking

button August 2001 booking

button August/Sep 2001 booking

button October 2001 booking

button November 2001 booking

WFI WS Usage Statistics

Below are displayed the statistics of WS booking for the period April 2000-March 2001. The statistics takes into account the effective use of the machine (batch processes, remote and direct access), but no test time for software packages has been included.

button Usage statistics April 2000 - March 2001

How to retrieve data from the archive

[*] Archive retrieval for WFI data.

Software tips and tricks

There are different ways to reduce WFI data; below we list a number of currently available packages. If you know of any software you like to see included in the list, please contact

button A well developed package for reducing mosaic data is mscred, under IRAF. The major problem in using this software is that the some keywords in the ESO header are not recognized by IRAF. To cope with this, a special single task package has been written by F. Valdes at NOAO, called esowfi. This task transforms the original header into a new one readable by IRAF.

button Some WFI data reduction tips and software tools from the ESO Imaging Survey Team.

button The Mosaic package of IRAF

button The flips Mosaic Reduction Package.

button The Available software and facilities for WFI

If you have problems along the way....

button Due to the fact that the headers are currently being adjusted to become VLT compliant, it might happen that the esowfi package does not work correctly.
In this case do the following:

a) copy the raw fits file into a new one (es: cp wfixxxxx.fits tryxxxxx.fits);
b) start iraf
c) hedit tryxxxxx[0].fits fields=RA,DEC delete=yes verify=yes update=yes and type return

This sets up correctly the CRVAL parameters.
button WARNING: the new esowfi (release date: June 13, 2000) might NOT work correctly with older data, while the previous one (April 2000) does not have any problems. A copy of the old esowfi package has been saved on the WS disk, should you need it, but be aware that the November 2000 SCISOFT release will contain the new esowfi package only, so...take care of doing backups before upgrading.

If you keep having problems, you might check the following links:
button The FTU command (short for FITS Translation Utility), is a tool used to manipulate FITS files.
button The saft command. It converts the long ESO keywords (HIERARCH_xxx) into IRAF compatible ones.


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