Optical photometry of point sources


Presentation part I
Manual part II (ps.gz, 200 KB)


Midas procedures, SuperMongo macros, Unix scripts (tar-gzip, 10 KB)


Atlas of Spectral Types, Jacoby et al., 1984 (ps.gz, 2.67 MB)
Adding spectral type L (ps.gz, 1.5 MB)

Papers from the Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics:
Stellar Photometry, by Crawford (ps.gz, 97 KB)
Stellar Photometry Software , by Stetson ( ps.gz, 68 KB)
Photometric Systems , by Bessel ( ps.gz, 156 KB)

The Tucana paper (ps.gz, 2.34 MB)
The Fornax paper (ps.gz, 2.06 MB)

Extinction maps of
Burstein & Heiles 1982 (ps.gz, 4.5 MB)
Schelege, Finkbeiner & Davis 1998 (ps.gz, 1.9 MB)

On-line references

Spectral classification of stars, at NASA
Stetson photometric standards at CADC
Optical and UV Spectrophotometric Standard Stars at ESO
Dust maps at UC Berkeley

Books in La Silla Library

Photometry and photometric systems

M. Golay, Introduction to astronomical photometry / A17-4 6

Spectral classifications

Yerkes atlas of stellar spectra (Mogan, Keenan, and Kellman) / A17-5 15 (missing)

A Display Atlas of Stellar Spectra / A17-5 69b

An atlas of spectra of the cooler stars / A17-5 21b

A second atlas of objective-prism spectra / A17-5 26d

An atlas of digital spectra of cool stars / A17-5 65

An atlas of low dispersion grating stellar spectra / A17-5 5a -> 5? (a few volumes missing)

An atlas of representative stellar spectra / A17-5 29b