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One of the 11 corner stone projects of the International Year of Astronomy (IYA) 2009 declared by the UNESCO and the International Astronomical Union (IAU) is "She's an astronomer". This project represents "Ella es astrónoma" in México.

It is a set of 18 original portraits who have now been shown to thousands of people,  toured through Mexico, and been broadcasted on the web.  Along with some astronomers' quotes, the portraits show these exceptional women in (or close to) their work environment, but not working. They appear accessible and give a human dimension of the scientist. The idea is to stimulate the young public's interest for science. In a country like Mexico, it's crucial to sensibilize the youth to genders equality. Paradoxically, 40% of the astronomers in Mexico are woman! They are young and less young, morena (dark) or rubia (blond), shy or more extrovert, and come from various states and social contexts. The astronomers who participated to the project represent all these aspects and thus the complex Mexican population spectrum. 

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Julien Girard (ESFM-IPN/IA-UNAM, leas) now at ESO in Santiago, Chile
Deborah Dultzin Kessler (IA-UNAM)
Irene Cruz Gonzalez (IA-UNAM)
Jose Franco (IA-UNAM)
Barbara Pichardo (IA-UNAM)
Juan Carlos Piña

She's an Astronomer"Promoting gender equality and empowering women is one of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. She Is An Astronomer will promote gender equality in astronomy (and science in general), tackling bias issues by providing a web platform where information and links about gender balance and related resources are collected.
The aim of the project is to provide neutral, informative and accessible information to female professional and amateur astronomers, students, and those who are interested in the gender equality problem in science. We believe that providing this information will help increase the interest of young females to study and pursue a career in astronomy." (IAU)


Robin CeruttiRobin Cerutti ( has quite atypic profile.  Not only he is a photographer but he has a PhD and keeps up with both activities at a profesionnal level. In 2006, while workin at IBM New-York, his shots started to get popular in the fashion scene, etc.  Now he lives and works in Montreal, Canada, and finds his way through a style he likes to call "Urban discovery".  He recently had a show in New-York for an event organized by the Italian Association against Cancer and some of his photgraphs were soldout.  Among his references are personalities like  Veronica Martinelli (PR, Kiton), Wendell Figueroa Ruiz (Com. Director, Damiani USA), Martha Williams (Choregrapher and Dancer ), Rodner Figueroa (famous journalist of the Univision Chanel), Patricia Chica (Movie director), and many others.

Portraited Astronomers (Oct 2008):

To see the slideshow in larger format, click here

Patricia Ambrosio Cruz (IA-UNAM, México D.F)
Isaura Fuentes Carrera (ESFM-IPN, México D.F)
Leticia Carigi (IA-UNAM, México D.F)
Deborah Dultzin Kessler (IA-UNAM, México D.F)
Julietta Fierro Gossman (IA-UNAM, México D.F)
Miriam Peña Cárdenas (IA-UNAM, México D.F)
Barbara Pichardo Silva (IA-UNAM, México D.F.)
Margarita Rosado Solís (IA-UNAM, México D.F)
Silvia Torres Peimbert (IA-UNAM, México D.F)

Calendar of events and venues:

Quotes or "voices" de AstrónomAs (only in Spanish for now):

"Descubrirle al Universo alguno más de sus secretos cada dia,

nos hace entender mejor no sólo el firmamento, sino también la vida"

Elena Jiménez Bailón (IA-UNAM)

"Cada vez que veo el cielo entro en armonia con el universo."

Margarita Rosado Solís (IA-UNAM)

"Me encanta poder descubrir tantas cosas de objetos tan lejanos,

tan solo viendo y analizando su LUZ."

Silvana Navarro (U. de Guadalajara)

"No fue fácil venirme a vivir a la Cd. de México a estudiar astronomia,

pero valió la pena."

Anabel Arrieta (UIA)

"Es un trabajo de detective y artesano,

de paciencia y gozo, de algunas frustraciones y muchas alegrias."

Isaura Fuentes Carrera (ESFM-IPN)

"Trabajar en ciencias es estudiar permanentemente, aprender cosas nuevas cada vez.

Esto es tremendamente motivante y te hace amar el trabajo cotidiano."

Miriam Peña Cárdenas (IA-UNAM)

"Es un mito infundado que las mujeres no tengamos una mente logica y rigurosa. Es solo que ademas requerimos de belleza y armonia."    
Deborah Dultzin Kessler (IA-UNAM)

"Backstage" of some shooting sessions © Julien Girard:

Articles on the web:

W Radio:  Presentation by Pilar Contreras (vice-director of Museo de la Luz)

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