Julien H. Girard

VLT operations staff astronomer

enjoying a sunset at Paranal Observatory

logo ESOI am a physicist/astronomer currently working as Operations Staff Astronomer at ESO, spending my time between Santiago and the Paranal Observatory  in northern Chile. 

I mostly work on VLT/UT1-UT3-UT4 where most adaptive optics systems are (NaCo, SINFONI +LGSF SPHERE, Future AOF, etc.). Instrument Scientist of NaCo & SPHERE, I also coordinate/follow Adaptive Optics activities at ESO/Chile.

The remaining time is dedicated to my personal research or R&D projects, collaborations, etc. 

The birth of a giantMy (broad) research interests: star & planet formation, faint companions search and characterization (brown dwarfs, extra-solar planets), close and dusty environment of young and/or low-mass to intermediate mass stars, AGN cores, etc. 

I use high angular & high contrast imaging techniques extensively, mainly adaptive optics & coronagraphy (interferometry occasionally), in the infrared and from the ground. I am also interested in the time-domain and participate to campains to measure extrasolar planet atmospheres via transits and occultations, also from the ground.

Former instrumentation specialist and instrument builder, I hope to contribute again to instrumentation labs/projects in the future.

testPublic Outreach: I think that sciences and astronomy in particular aren't completly useless in the society. I am more and more interested in public outreach and therefore I will try to provide interesting informations and links hereby. You can also read about this photographic exhibition "Ella es Astrónoma" I produced about Women astronomers in Mexico as well as look at my Cosmic Diary corner. Since 2012 I became one of the ESO Photo Ambassadors.

Disclaimer: views are my own, the content of this page is independant of ESO's standpoint.