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I think that sciences and astronomy in particular aren't completly useless in the society

I am more and more interested in public outreach and therefore I will try to provide interesting informations and links hereby.


Web cast, World Space Week New Zealand

Interview for Canal 13 / tele13 (Chile) by Macarena Puígrredon

AstroDay 2010, January 23 2010 (La Serena, Chile)

Noche de las Estrellas: "the night of stars", January 31 2009 in 23 places in Mexico!

    Probably one of the biggest astronomical events worldwide for this International Year of Astronomy (IAU, UNESCO). Thousands and thousands of people will be gathered throughout the country (23 archeological/historical sites) to observe the stars and celebrate the IYA. I will be at the center of Mexico with an exhibition of photographs taken by Robin Cerutti of women astronomers in Mexico. More info on the AstronomA project here.

Over 50,000 people came to watch the Feb 20 2008 total lunar eclipse! 

This was an amazing event organized by "us" (the IA jointly with the city of mexico DF, the politecnico, etc.). I was mainly talking to people and telling them to wait in line to meet great astronomers such as Manuel Peimbert. We were very lucky that it sarted at 7pm, the next one, in 2010, starts at 2am! I  took a few pictures!


During the international year of astronomy (2009), I gave various talks....

Videos of interest

Lisa Kaltenegger talks about extremely exciting perspective around extrasolar planets (mainly found by transit technique with misions like Kepler), the next step of their characterization with future facilities, the search for habitable ones!

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