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    Position: Since November 1st 2008 (and not April 1st this time!), I have been a staff astronomer at the Very Large Telescope, Mount Paranal, Chile, operated by the European Southern Observatory.

    I am instrument scientist for OMEGACAM, the wide-field imager on Paranal, second insturment scientist for NACO and FLAMES and involved in the CRIRES upgrade project and MOONS. I was previously the instrument scientist responsible for:

    CRIRES, which is the VLT cryogenic high-resolution infrared echelle spectrograph.

    FLAMES, the multi-fibre facility offered at UT2, Kueyen, and

    UVES, the optical echelle spectrograph offered at UT2, Kueyen.

    I used to work at Jodrell Bank, be on the dole, was a sys-admin at the Royal Greenwich Observatory, then 4 good years at Queen's University, Belfast, before arriving in Chile in 2002, back to Belfast for 3 years and now back at ESO!.

    Research: High velocity clouds, Dwarf Galaxies, ISM and some Magellanic Bridge, Diffuse Interstellar Bands, Runaway stars.

    CRIRES VISITORS please read the visiting astroners notes and recent news which gives information on recent changes to the instrument and preparations to make before your run.

    FLAMES VISITORS - please read the visiting astronomers notes and recent news.

    Also remember to have a pre-approved backup programme in case of high winds. If you have any general CRIRES or FLAMES questions please email usd-help@eso.org (service mode) or crires@eso.org and/or flames@eso.org (visitor mode) and we will see what we can do to help!.

    Contact info/Phone: +56 (0)9680-16910 (Mobile phone, from within Chile: 680-16910), +56 2 463 3104 (Santiago office, direct line), +56 55 43 5145 (Paranal, switchboard), 5312 (VLT UT1 console Antu), 5322 (VLT UT2 console Kueyen).

    Skype: jonathan_smoker

    Fax: 56 2 463 3001 (Santiago) +56 55 43 5001 (Paranal)

    When I am in Europe or the USA my mobile phone number is +44 (0) 7532-104-889

    I will be at the VLT (Paranal, Chile) on the following dates, the rest of the time in Santiago or on leave.

    Address: European Southern Observatory,
    Alonso de Cordova 3107,
    Casilla 19001,
    Santiago 19,

    e-mail: jsmoker@eso.org

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