Calender and contact details for Jonathan Smoker during 2008/2009/2010/2011/2012 etc

I will be on holiday/at conferences on the following dates;

2008 December 1st to 7th. FLAMES workshop, Garching, Germany
2009 January 6th to 14th. Taking compensation holiday in Chile although reading email every day
2009 March 20th to 29th. Taking compensation holiday in England although reading email every day
2009 April 4th to 12th. Holiday in Ecuador. Reading email every day.
2009 May 2nd to 16th. Science leave in Queen's University, Belfast.
2009 Aug 29th to Sept 04th. Conference in Heidleberg, Germany.
2009 Dec 29th to January 11th 2009. Holiday in Ecuador. Reading email every two days.
2010 Mar 13th to 27th. Compensation holiday and then science leave in Belfast. Reading email every two days.
2010 Dec 29th to Jan 16th. Compensation holiday and then holiday in Ecuador. Reading emails/responding to waivers every two days.

During these times, please contact for visitor-run CRIRES-related questions, and for service-run CRIRES questions.

I will be at the VLT (La Silla-Paranal Observatory) on the following dates;

2008 November Monday 10th to Friday 21st November daytime (11n)
2008 December Wednesday 24th to Monday 5th January daytime (12n)
2009 January Thursday 29th to Friday 6th February daytime (8n)
2009 February Saturday 14th to Monday 23rd Februrary nighttime (9n plus 1 extra day asked for)
2009 March Thursday 05th to Thursday 19th March nighttime (14n)
2009 April Monday 20th to Friday 1st May nighttime (11n)
2009 May Monday 18th to Thursday 28th May nighttime (10n)
2009 June Monday 8th to Monday 15th June nighttime (7n)
2009 July Monday 6th to Monday 13th nighttime (7n)
2009 July Wednesday 22nd to Monday 27th daytime (5n)
2009 August Thursday 6th to Tuesday 18th nigthtime (12n)
2009 Sept Friday 5th Saturday 12th nighttime (7n)
2009 Oct Saturday 24th to Sunday 1st IS and nightime UT1 (8n)

Other duty: 4 days for SPHERE DFR. Total for year 1 will be 122 plus 4 days other duty or 126 nights total.

2009 Nov Tuesday 17th to Sunday 22nd nighttime UT1 (5n)
2009 Dec Tuesday 15th to Sunday 27th SC, IS, Night UT1 (12n)
2010 Jan Tuesday 12th to Monday 18th, Night UT1 (6n)
2010 Jan Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th, Project training in Santiago (2n)
2010 Jan Friday 29th to Friday Feb 5th, Night UT1 (7n)
2010 Feb Monday 16th to Wednesday 24th, Day/Night UT1 (8n)
2010 Mar Thursday 4th to Thursday 11th, Night UT1 (7n)
2010 Mar Tuesday 30th to Saturday 10th April, Day SC (11n)
2010 Apr Thursday 22nd to May 1st, Night UT2 (9n)
2010 May Thursday 27th Jun Friday 4th, Night UT1 (8n)
2010 Jun Monday 21st to Tuesday 29th, Night UT1, (8n)
2010 Jul Sunday 11th to Saturday 17th, CRIRES intervention (6n)
2010 Aug Monday 16th to Wednesday 25th, Night UT1, (9n)
2010 Sep Friday 3rd to Saturday 4th, IS, (1n)
2010 Oct Tuesday 12th, IS meeting (1n)
2010 Oct Thursday 14th to Saturday 23rd, Night UT2, UT1, IS (9n)

Total for year 2 will be 109 nights so far

Total for first two years is 235 nights (c.f. 210)

2010 Nov Saturday 13th to Saturday 20th, SC, (7n)
2010 Nov Friday 26th to Monday 29th, IS (3n)
2010 Dec Monday 20th to Tuesday 28th, IS, Night UT1 (8n)
2011 Jan Tuesday 18th to Monday 1st Feb, Daytime then Night UT1 (14n)
2011 Apr Saturday 2nd to Tuesday 12th, IS then Night UT1 (10n)
2011 May Friday 6th to Tuesday 17th, UT1 Night (11n)
2011 June Monday 20th to Tuesday 28th, UT1 Night (8n)
2011 July Wednesday 13th to Thursday 21st, OD, SC (8n)
2011 September Thursday 8th to Friday 9th, OD, (2n)
2011 September 22nd to October 1st SC other duty (9n)
2011 October 10th to 16th October (6n) IS
2011 October 29th to 31st, Daytime (3n)

Total for year 3 will be 89 nights or 323 total (c.f. 315)

2011 November 1st to 10th, UT1 Night (9n)
2011 November 30th to Dec 6th, SC (6n)
2011 December 14th to 23rd, UT1 Night (9n)
2012 January 19th to Feb 2nd, Multicolour turno, (14n)
2012 March 4th to 9th, UT1 Night (5n)
2012 April 9th to 20th, OD, IS, UT1 Night (11n)
2012 May 14th to 22nd, UT1 Night (8n)
2012 Jun 26th to July 6th, UT2 Night (10n)
2012 July 15th to July 23rd, IS then DA (8n)
2012 Aug 6th to Aug 10, XD, (6n)
2012 Sep 23rd to Oct 1, N1, IS (8n)
2012 Oct 9th to 20th, N2, IS, n2 (11n)

Total for year 4 will be 105 nights total.

2012 Nov 17th to 24th, N1, NTT, (7n)
2013 Jan 15th to 22nd, DA, (7n)
2013 Feb 4th to 12th, Reassignement (8n)
2013 Mar 18th to 26th, Reassignment (8n)
2013 Apr 25th to May 7th, N1, NSC (12n)
2013 May 8th to 9th, OD Is meeting (2n)
2013 May 28th to June 3rd, SC (6n)
2013 June 27th to July 5th, N2, NSC (7n)
2013 July 23rd to July 31st, DA then SC (8n)
2013 Aug 05th to Aug 08th, La Silla (3n not duty)
2013 Aug 10th to Aug 17th, N2 (7n)
2013 Aug 29th to Sep 05th, N1 (7n)
2013 Sep 07th to Sep 15th, Belfast
2013 Sep 17th to Sep 25th, N2 (8n)
2013 Sep 26th to Sep 28th (made up dates), two days OD as no pay rise this year (2n)
2013 Oct 01st to Oct 08th, N2 NSC (7n)

Total for year 5 will be 96 nights. Total for first five years is 525 nights c.f. 525 in contract.

2013 Nov 12th to Nov 20th, N1 NSC (8n)
2013 Dec 10th to Dec 10th, Remote access facility (1n)
2013 Dec 20th to Dec 27th, N2 NSC (7n)
2013 Jan 17th to Jan 30th, N1, (13n)
2013 Feb 21st to Feb 25th, DA, (4n)
2013 Mar 10th to Mar 18th, N1, NSC, (8n)
2014 Apr 07th to Apr 15th, SC, (8n)
2014 Apr 21st and Apr 22nd, Project Management training (2n)
2014 May 09th to May 18th, N1 NSC (9n)
2014 Jun 10th to Jun 17th, N1 NSC (7n)
2014 Jul 12th to Jul 26th, N1 NSC (14n)
2014 Sep 06th to Sep 12th, (6n)
2014 Sep 23rd to Oct 01st, (8n)

Total for year 6 will be 95 nights.

2014 Nov 13th to Nov 25th, SC, N1 (12n)
2014 Dec 07th to Dec 15th, N1 NSC (8n)
2015 Jan 08th to Jan 18th, N1 NSC (10n)
2015 Feb and March, reassignment (17n)
2015 Apr 21st to May 1st, N1 NSC (10n)
2015 May 28th to Jun 03rd, N1, NSC, OD (6n)
2015 OD Days. Two days for Joint workshop, two days for IS meeting Santiago, two days for QC workshop (6n)
2015 July 31st to 8th August (8n)
2015 September 28th to October 5th (7n)

Total for year 7 will be 84 nights (half time since 1st April 2015).

2015 November 28th to December 4th (6n)
2016 January 17th to 24th, SC (7n)
2016 February 2nd to 9th, SC (7n)
2016 February 22nd to 29th, DA (7n)
2016 April 8th to 14th, night, (6n)
2016 June 7th to 16th, night, (9n)
2016 July 6th to 17th, night, (11n)
2016 Aug 2nd to 12th, night, (10n)
2016 Aug 24th to 30th, night, (8n), go up 26th, night.
2016 Sep 28th to Oct 04th, IS, UT2, (6n),
2016 Oct 11th to 19th, UT1, (8n).

Total for year 7 will be 85n (half time until 1st April)

2016 Nov 03rd to November 09th, IS, UT1 (6n)
2016 Nov 24th to December 2nd, IS, DA (8n)
2017 Jan 20th to 26th, UT1, IS (6n)
2017 Feb 23rd to 06th March, UT1, (10n)
2017 March 28th to 6th April, UT2 (9n)
2017 April to July, Reassignment, (18n)
2017 August 6th to 12th, SC, IS, (6n)
2017 August 27th to 4th September, SC, (8n)
2017 Sept 14th to 21st, UT1, IS, (7n)
2017 Oct 30th to 7th Nov, UT1, (8n),

Total for year 8 was 86n 2017 Nov 16th to 17th, IS workshop (2n),
2017 Nov 18th to 24th, SC (5n),
2017 Dec 8th to 18th, UT2, U1, (10n)
2018 Jan 16th to 26th, UT2, IS, (10n)
2018 Feb 22nd to 3rd March, UT1, UT3, UT1, (9n)
2018 Apr 10th to 17th, SC, IS, DA, (7n)
2018 May 17th to 25th, UT3, (8n)
2018 Jun 09th to 15th, UT3, VST, (6n)
2018 Jun 23rd to 30th, UT3 (7n)
2018 Aug 13th to 16th, RAF (4n)
2018 Aug 22nd to 31st, UT12 (9n)
2018 Sep 16th to 23rd, SC (7n)

Total for year 8 was 84n

Contact details: While at Paranal Observatory, I am best contacted by email (, although the main number for the observatory is +56 55 43 5145 and they should be able to find me. If I am working nights, then I am likely to be at +56 55 43 5322 which is UT2 (Kueyen) console or +56 55 43 5321 which is UT1 (Antu) console.

When I am in Europe or the USA my phone number is: +44 7875-772946

The rest of the time I should be in Santiago, with phone number (09) 6801-6910 or from outside Chile (+56) 9680-16910.

My office number is +56 2 463 3104

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