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Thomas Szeifert; ESO Santiago and Paranal Science Operations
Alonso de Cordova 3107, Casilla 19001, Santiago 19, Chile
Mailto: tszeifer@eso.org
Phone: +56 2 463 3000 - Fax: +56 2 463 3001 (Santiago)
Phone: +56 55 43 5000 - Fax: +56 55 43 5001 (Cerro Paranal)

A Brief Curriculum Vitae:

1991 Diploma in Physics University Heidelberg
1995 PhD in Astronomy University Heidelberg
1995 to 1999 Landessternwarte Heidelberg FORS Instrumentation Project
since 1999 European Southern Observatory Paranal Science Operations

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I have to admit that I'm using my home page to collect my bookmarks, rather then to present myself. Anyway - some pages below are very interesting for scientists and as well for other interested people who ended on my "home page":

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... my research:

    My main research fields are: Luminous Blue Variable Stars (the most massive stars which exist), chemical abundance studies in the galaxy and the local group of galaxies and polarimetric measurement in stars in general.

  • List of Publications
  • List of Preprints
  • The ESO Santiago science page with some more informations about the staff astronomers, fellows and students hosted in Santiago.

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About my work as Instrument and Telescope Scientist:

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... earthquakes around Paranal:

Below some links to the USGS - The US National Earthquake Information Center: Compare: Earthquakes greater 6.5 within 400km from Heidelberg since 1975, San Francisco since 1975, Paranal since 1975, Santiago since 1975.

Please note that 45 per cent of the seismic energy of planet earth is released in Chile. The following you should have read before the next one.

Telescopes and Observatories:

... large telescopes in operation:

W.M. Keck Observatory (1993) bibliography instruments
The VLT (1998) bibliography instruments archive
Subaru Telescope Homepage (1999) bibliography instruments archive
Gemini Observatory (2000) bibliography instruments archive
The Magellan Homepage (2000) bibliography instruments
MMT (2000) instruments

... larger telescopes: (year ~2015 and later)

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