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Welcome to my website

I am a Venezuelan astronomer based in Chile. I currently work at ESO as a Fellow. My work at ESO is split between independent research, and duties as support astronomer at the Very Large Telescope, in Paranal Observatory.

Although I'm interested in a broad range of topics, the bulk of my research focuses on understanding the formation and evolution of galaxies as a function of cosmic time and environment (see my research and project pages).

In Paranal, I operate Yepun, which is the cool AO telescope with lasers, and provide support for the second-generation integral field spectrograph MUSE.

You can read more about me in my Bio page, where there is also a copy of my CV


European Southern Observatory
Alonso de Cordova 3107
Vitacura, Santiago

Phone: +56 2 2463 3074

e-mail: yjaffe [at] eso [dot] org