Bulge/Disk/Bar Image Decomposition of ~ 1000 galaxies @ z ~ 0.05 in g, r and i

The results of parametric decomposition of galaxy images from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey can be found in the links below. The sample contains ~ 1000 galaxies at a mean redshift of 0.05. It was carefully selected in order to provide reliable fits, which were done independently in three passing bands, g, r and i. The fits were done using BUDDA and include up to three components, bulge, disk and bar. Here you can obtain tables with the structural parameters so obtained for each galaxy in the sample. In addition, model images for every galaxy are also available.

Some parameters are not directly available here, but they can be sent upon request. Just email me.

If using the data here, please read the main paper describing how the parameters were determined (Gadotti 2009, MNRAS 393, 1531) and quote it.


Click here for the tables Click here for the images

The figure below shows the fit results for 60 galaxies, as an example. For each galaxy, one sees the SDSS image in the left-hand panel, the model obtained in the middle panel, and a residual image (i.e. galaxy - model) in the right-hand panel. The display scale, brightness and contrast are different in each image and are chosen to stress its main features. This automated procedure might fail in a few cases, especially if there is a very bright star in the field, but works fine for most cases. Residual images, in particular, are especially enhanced to show galaxy sub-structures more clearly. The residuals are usually within 0.1-0.3 magnitudes.

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