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We got married September 22 in Rome and this is our wedding home page. Here you will find how to reach the place where the ceremony will be held and, of course, the following party!! Now we have put here our pictures and some fun stuff, just to avoid being killed by all the people to whom we promised to do this....and also for let them know what they have missed by not showing up!!

The ceremony was held in Roma, via Valle delle Camene 2 at 4:50PM. The place is at a walking distance from the Colosseum, and close to the Circo Massimo. There is a subway stop nearby ("Circo Massimo").
The party will be in the roman countryside, near Tivoli.

Large map
This is a map of the center of Roma.
Detailed map
This is a detailed map, showing where via Valle delle Camene is.

And here are some pictures...

button At home..
Last minute preparation; my dog, Penny even more nervous than I was..

button Before the ceremony...

button After the oath

button ..and after the ceremony

button Well, that's traditional..

button After the ceremony, another one

button Our witnesses..and also our best friends

button We few, we happy few, we bunch of brothers

button And this is because we like it.

Ciao a tutti!

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