About me

I am an astronomer working as a Fellow at the European Southern Observatory (ESO), Paranal, Chile, responsible for the operation of instruments on the Unit Telescope 1. I recently completed my PhD at the Planetary transits and atmospheres group at the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (German Aerospace Agency) in Berlin under the supervision of Prof. Heike Rauer. However, the main part of my work was done at ESO, under the supervision of Dr. Henri Boffin, as part of ESO's studentship programme, performing exoplanet transmission spectroscopy with the FORS2 instrument at Paranal. My current research is on detecting and characterising atmospheres of exoplanets, through the Transmission Spectroscopy technique, building on my experience from my PhD, as well as preparation for exoplanet transit observations with the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), to be launched shortly by NASA. Additionally, I work on detection of exoplanetary atmospheres through high resolution spectrosocpy, using instruments such as HARPS, and in the near future ESPRESSO and CRIRES+.


Besides observational astronomy, I am also interested in data reduction and analysis techniques, specifically detailed analysis of correlated or red noise in time-series data, using the non-parametric Gaussian Processes. I have developed various reduction and analysis pipelines for performing such analysis on time-series transit data, written in python programming language, and encorporated into the reduction routines with the python interface for IRAF, PyRAF.

When not doing science, you will find me either skiing on the slopes of the Andes, trying to surf the waves in the pacific ocean or back-packing through the Americas.