This brief description attemps to summarize what i feel mostly interested within the vast multiverse of Astronomy.
Extragalactic Chemistry
I am particularly interested in the study of the molecular material in the nuclei of galaxies. Thus, during the last years, my research studies have mainly focused in the description of the chemical complexity of the interestellar medium within the central few hundred parsecs of nearby starburst galaxies.

Heating mechanisms and power sources
By observing its mm and submm molecular emission, i try to get insight on how the chemistry is affected by the extreme phenomena and conditions taking place in these regions. The study of the different molecular tracers towards nearby galaxies may allow us to differenciate between the different dominant heating of the nuclear gas (shock fronts, UV and/or X-ray pervaded regions, etc) as well as to trace the fingerprints of the nuclear power sources (Active Galactic Nuclei and/or Starbursts).

Galactic Center
Within this context, i am currently carrying out different studies in central region of the Milky Way to stablish the best molecular tracers of the different chemistries we find in this region. The Galactic Center, as the closest galactic nucleus, represent an excellent local chemical laboratory to use as template for understanding the nuclear emission in far distant galaxies.