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I now work at the European Southern Observatory, but as a PhD student I also contributed to the Gemini Observatory. I currently support observations at the VLT UT1 (CRIRES and FORS2) and UT2 (XSHOOTER, FLAMES and UVES), and I am part of the FLAMES IOT, as fellow.

I am one of the authors of the BUDDA code, and responsible in maintaining it. I have experience in near-infrared and optical imaging and spectroscopy (slit, MOS and IFU), analytical dynamics and N-body simulations, in particular in the study of the structure and dynamics of stellar systems. My research focus on understanding how galaxies form and evolve.

I also make available here a FORTRAN source code that makes 2D analytical deprojection of bars, giving deprojected values of bar length, ellipticity and position angle from a list of projected values. This code was developed and used in my 2007 paper (see below).

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