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Our group is composed by ESO staff astronomers, fellows and students interested in extragalactic science.
The topic is quite broad and indeed, as you can see here, each one of us has his/her own specific interest.
However it was felt by many of us that it would be very constructive for our science life to get together
and share our projects, thoughts and ideas. So the group was borne and, for the moment,
its main activities are to organize and coordinate joint scientific projects between all or some
of its members, to have periodical journal clubs and to organize and alert team members to/for scientific meetings related to the group.


Group members

Web page/e-mail
Specific interest
Michael West
Director for science - ESO Chile
Globular clusters in external galaxies, groups and clusters of galaxies.
Michael Dumke
Staff astronomer - APEX
Molecular gas at low and high redshift, disk-halo interaction, magnetic fields, cold dust, and the ISM in general in normal and active galaxies.
Andrew Fox
Fellow - Paranal
Group coordinator
GRB host galaxies, DLA systems, high resolution spectroscopy.
Marc Huertas
Fellow - Paranal
Group coordinator
mhuertas at eso dot org
Barred galaxies, galaxy evolution, adaptive optics assisted imaging and spectroscopy.
Rachel Gilmour
Fellow - Paranal
rgilmour at eso dot org
AGN, Clusters of Galaxies, X-ray astronomy
Valentin Ivanov
Staff astronomer - Paranal
Stellar populations of distant galaxies and transiting extrasolar planets.
Emanuela Pompei
Staff astronomer - Paranal
Dynamics and chemical evolution of galaxies and on compact groups of galaxies, as probes of the evolution of large scale structures.
Julia Scharwaechter
Fellow - La Silla
Dynamics and evolution of AGN host galaxies and the putative link between galaxy interactions, starburst activity, and the formation/fueling of an AGN.


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