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The PyCoffee is an informal coffee break at ESO/Vitacura library. It happens once every two weeks on Thursdays at 11am when someone presents interesting applications of Python to our daily life as Astronomers. We keep track of everything in this webpage.
In addition, we have a mailing list for Q&A about Python. Together we learn faster and it is much better!
So far we have active participants from ESO, ALMA, and PUC. Join us!


Dec 7, 2017

The second ESO Python Boot Camp will take place on Jan 8,9,10 as an internal training for ESO and ALMA people. Check out a summary of our first edition!

Oct 24, 2016

Julien Milli, organiser and active speaker is leaving the PyCoffee organisation. He handed over to the new fellow Romain Thomas. Thank you Julien and welcome Romain!