BUlge/Disk Decomposition Analysis

Budda is a Fortran code developed to perform a detailed structural analysis on galaxy images. It was developed by Drs. Ronaldo Eustáquio de Souza, Dimitri Alexei Gadotti and Sandra dos Anjos at the Astronomy Department of the University of São Paulo, Brazil. It is simple to use and give reliable estimates of the galaxy structural parameters, which can be used, for instance, in Fundamental Plane studies. Moreover, it has a powerful ability to reveal hidden sub-structures, like inner disks, secondary bars and nuclear rings. We make it now available to the community and we encourage anyone who wants to get deep insights on one's galaxies to use it, but not before reading its main paper, and send us an e-mail. Follow the links below, so you can get what you want!

Click here if you are looking for the results from BUDDA fits to nearly 1000 SDSS galaxies

Example of the results obtained with BUDDA on one of the SDSS galaxies at z = 0.06. These are gri color composites of the original galaxy image, the total model obtained with BUDDA, as well as the models of each separate component and the enhanced residual image. In the latter one clearly sees the spiral arms and the inner ring/lens fragments that surround the bar. The negative residuals also delineate the fainter inter-arm areas of the disk. This is likewise true for the region between the bar and the inner ring. The highest residuals reach a level of about 10%.

The radial profiles above for the same galaxy also demonstrate the fitting ability of the code. Each point in these profiles is a single image pixel.
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