Latest news on trojan searches...

Exotrojan searches (theory, techniques & observations)

  • 10/2017.- "The TROY project: searching for co-orbital bodies to known planets. I. Project goals and first results from archival radial velocity" (Lillo-Box et al., 2017) .
  • 02/2017.- "Detection of co-orbital planets by combining transit and radial-velocity measurements" (Leleu et al., 2017) .
  • 09/2015.- "Detectability of quasi-circular co-orbital planets. Application to the radial velocity technique" by (Leleu et al., 2015) .

Solar System trojans

  • 06/2016.- "Photometric colors of the brightest members of the Jupiter L5 Trojan cloud" by Chatelain et al. (2016) .
  • 03/2016.- "A trio of horseshoes: past, present and future dynamical evolution of Earth co-orbital asteroids 2015 XX169, 2015 YA and 2015 YQ1" by de la Fuente Marcos

Workshops related to trojan planets

  • Exoplanets I

    2-8 July, 2016. Davos (Switzerland)

    Aims to consolidate all aspects of exoplanet science.

  • CHEOPS Meeting #4

    21-23 June. Geneve (Switzerland)

    Fourth meeting of the CHEOPS space mission.

  • Binaries in the Solar System

    21-23 June. Prague (Czech Republic)

    Bring together ideas on the detection, characterization, formation, and implications of binary and multiple objects in the Solar System.

  • Directions in Planet Formation

    11-15 July, 2016. Leiden (Netherland)

    New developments in dust coagulation, planetesimal formation, planetary growth and planetary migration. Assess the viability of various theories on planet formation and establish new research directions.